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My Life
I live in Padul,a small town near Granada in Andalusia, in the South of Spain.(There are some big mountains in Granada called Sierra Nevada) Sierra Nevada is very beautiful. It can snow a lot in Sierra Nevada. It is quite usual. I like skiing but I don´t have the time for that because I have to go to the school in winter. In the summer I can`t ski because there's no snow, it is very hot here, but I like more summer because of the weather. I prefer hot weather. I will go to the beach next July with my friends.

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Five years ago I visited ‘’La Torre Eifel’’ in Paris ,Francia.
I went with my friends from school. I was 1 week in France. I visited the other French monuments but my favoutite monument was ‘’La Torre Eifel’’ because it is very beautiful and impressive.The people were very nice and very obliging, too.When I got to the ''Torre Eifel" I felt a very amazing sensation. I would like to go another day to France.
torre_eiffel.jpg "La Torre Eifel" is a masterpiece architectural "gabacha".It is a big metal tower built for Gustave Eiffel.
In its floors there are snack bar,restaurants,departments and boutiques.There are 1665 steps and it is 324 metres high.I visited "La Torre Eifel" was an unforgettable experience for me.I would like go to France an other time

El éxito del hinduismo en India en gran parte es atribuido a su capacidad de adaptarse a circunstancias diversas. Esto es una religión, que es bastante flexible para permitir a contraposiciones para coexistir incluso si ellos son completamente contradictorios; el hinduismo simplemente tomó lo mejor de otras religiones que esto encontró y de estos amplió su propio sistema de creencia. Por ejemplo, el hinduismo fundió ideas de budista sobre la salvación y el Karma por aceptando la posibilidad de salvación del ciclo infinito de vida. Sin embargo, a los Británicos, el hinduismo a menudo era asociado con varios abusos sociales, como el infanticidio, el matrimonio infantil, la prohibición de nuevo matrimonio de viuda, y otros males sociales del sistema de castas. Pero que era "Sutte" más espanto.

India WebQuest
1. What are the richest towns in India? The richest towns in India is
Chandigarh when 26,710$ Per-Capita Annual Income in RS

2. You are very rich because you have a lots of rupees. How many pounds is a rupee?

3. What is the Tajmahal?

4. Who built it?

5. Is there a second Tajmahal?

your nice smile is my live
my need are your kisses
i promisse my moon
i love your passion