1.True or false:
-Greece is in the European Union (V)
-Spain is into E.U since 1991 (F)
- In one part of the European Union people speak Turkish (F)
- The 9 of March is the day of Europe (F)
-If you are Spanish you can travel acrosst E.U without passport (V)
2. What country of The Europe Union hasn't got the Euro? (G.Bretaña)
3.What year did Beethoven compose the anthem of Europe? (1823)
4. What is it the EFTA?( )
My home town

external image 5854100_0025sml.JPGI live in Escúzar, a small village of Granada. In Escúzar there are a lot of mountains and olive trees in the country. Before, there was a farm of cows, it belonged to my father. The climate is mediterranean. In summer it's hot and in winter it's very cold, It rains and sometimes snows. When it rains the dry river grows. The life in Escúzar is calm and boring, There are no places of entertainment for teenagers. There aren't any libraries, discos or parks with swings. There are only some snack bars for adults and old people. Shortly there will be an industrial park.

An excursion
Four years ago, I visited Almonte, a village of Huelva. Almonte is in Andalucía in the South of Spain.
I went there with my friends. We visited the church. I rode a horse, I bought earrings for me and a souvenir for my father.
I played with my friends and other boys and girls of Almonte.
The teacher, my friends and I ate in a restaurant.
After that, we visited clothes shops typical of Andalucía, we also visited shops of musical instruments, in the store there were "flamenco" guitars , flamenco boxes...
The visit was fun and interesting. We spent a pleasant day.
Almonte is a popular town because its romería and its church of the Rocío.
Every year thousands of people visit "La Romería del Rocío".


My favoutire country is India. India is in South of Asia. Is a country very inhabited. Its more important towns are Calcuta, Bombay, Nueva Delhi.. Among its traditions "dancing" is used to attract the men, husbands, other traditions are the tea, the clothes... there are also famous persons, like Ghandi, famous monuments, for example__ .The tea of India is delicious and has many flavors, India is also a country where the spices abound.........................

1. What is the problem of poverty in India?
The problems are shortages of water, environmental degratiton, stock depletion and natural disaster

2. What are the characteristics of a semi-arid tropical region?
The shortage of water and drought
3. Write two items made of wood, stone and paper produced by native people.
Made of Wood: Wooden box with 2 drawers, white wash; waterpide of peace.
Made of paper: fotolijst handgemaakt papier;telefoon andressenboek,klein
Made of stone: Man met tulband; -beel van man
4. Why do people go to meditate to India?
your nice smile is my live
my need are your kisses
i promisse my moon
i love your passion

5. Describe a shepherd of the desert.