Last summer, I visited the Veleta in Sierra Nevada. It is the highest pick in the peninsula. It is half the size of the Hinmalaya, there it is the hightest pick in the world (se the photo at the right of the page).
It was a special and difficult experience. I went with my uncle and my cousin and we made a bet on who would be the first.Before clumbing the montain we saw a taurus on the road of pradollano. At the beginning, my cousin ran, but 2 kilometers later he stopped because it was difficult for him to breath.We were walking X 4 hours to the pick with 3 camelbag of 2 litres of water, and I said we could eat the sandwich on the veleta. I arrived and we were on the brink of disaster of the veleta and I could touch the clouds.The weather was good but when the sun disappeared under the clouds I was cold.15 minutes later we went down running and in 40 minutes we reached the car.

In summer you can go with your bike if you have good legs and you have trained a lot, also you can do hiking.
In winter you can do ski, snowboard, ... you can hire the equipment there or here, in Granada.
in my opinio, it was a good experience, and you can do the same, you can surpass your physical limits, and you can get better if you are sick.

Five years ago i visited ‘’La Torre Eifel’’ in Paris ,Francia.
I went with my friends from school. I was 1 week in France. I visited the other French monuments but my favoutite monument was ‘’La Torre Eifel’’ because it is very beautiful and impressive.The people were very nice and very obliging, too.When I got to the ''Torre Eifel" I felt a very amazing sensation. I would like to go another day to France.
torre_eiffel.jpg "La Torre Eifel" is a masterpiece architectural "gabacha".It is a big metal tower built for Gustave Eiffel.
In its floors there are snack bar,restaurants,departments and boutiques.There are 1665 steps and it is 324 metres high.I visited "La Torre Eifel" was an unforgettable experience for me.I would like go to France an other time.


Four years ago, I visited Almonte, a village of Huelva. Almonte is in Andalucía in the South of Spain.
I went there with my friends. We visited the church. I rode a horse, I bought earrings for me and a souvenir for my father.
I played with my friends and other boys and girls of Almonte.
The teacher, my friends and I ate in a restaurant.
After that, we visited clothes shops typical of Andalucía , we also visited shops of musical instruments, in the store there were "flamenco" guitars , flamenco boxes...
The visit was fun and interesting. We spent a pleasant day.
Almonte is a popular town because its romería and its church of the Rocío. Every year thousands of people visit " La Romería del Rocío ".