WebTask - Getting to know India


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India is a big and amazing country whose culture and lifestyle are very different from ours.
In this Webtask we are going to explore many aspects of it.

Your final task will be to give a talk to your classmates about those things that you think are interesting and representative in this Country.

To do this you are going to gather all relevant information and prepare a ppt of your own.

Follow the steps below:

1. Read these two pages and select what you think it is more relevant. India Profile
Country profile: India

2. Download and watch this presentation and also take a note of some more data for your final presentation.
Amazing India

3. Have a look at this timelines and choose only 10 important facts for your presentation.
Timeline: India, A chronology of key events
1947 in India
CNN India - Timeline

4. Answer this quiz to see if you have learnt a lot about Indian History. And this one about British in India.

5. You can get some more details in the following links:
Victorian and Pre-Victorian Colonial India: An Overview
Ancient India

6. You have been taking notes in the page called draft india, then work together and finally, prepare your presentation in Power Point.

7. Present it to your class (compañeros de 1er idioma).

For FUN: You can do more quizzes here.

Later we will do the India WebQuest