"Let's speak" is our new project, starting on 10 April, 2008
The objectives are to make you feel more confident when you speak English. Our first task will be very very easy:

1. Listen to Lesson ONE.
Repeat when Brian says simple words or phrases.
Then, Listen to the story and see how much you understand. You may take some notes on your notebook. Listen to the audio as many times as you want.

2. Your homework for this weekend is: you should write a similar story about you and the place where you live and study.

Tu Inglés Unit ONE about Boston and the SNOW in winter by Brian

(week 2)
3. Write your story on your draft page
(sin borrar lo anterior).

4. We are going to record a podcast and send it to Brian.

And this is the final result of the first project

This is second project

More Lessons:

Tu Inglés - Unit 2 about the ELECTIONS in US by Brian

Tu Inglés - Unit 3, about TRAVELS by Brian