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Let's Speak: Our hometown Manu, Reme & Rozio


Las Gab
ias my home town
I live in Spain, in a city near Granada, Gabia. I can do snowboarding in Sierra Nevada. It`s one hour away from Granada, but I prefer to swim in the beach in summer. It's about 1 hour away from my house. The beach is more fun with friends and parties. In summer the beach is crowded and at night when the sun disappear it is beautiful. Granada has good weather, ten months of sun and smile. I hate winter because I have to wear a lot of clothes.

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I live in Padul,a small town near Granada in Andalusia, in the South of Spain.(There are some big mountains in Granada called Sierra Nevada) Sierra Nevada is very beautiful. It can snow a lot in Sierra Nevada. It is quite usual. I like skiing but I don´t have the time for that because I have to go to the school in winter. In the summer I can`t ski because there's no snow, it is very hot here, but I like more summer because of the weather. I prefer hot weather. I will go to the beach next July with my friends.

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I live in Escúzar, a small village of Granada. In Escúzar there are a lot of mountains and olive trees in the country. Before, there was a farm of cows, it belonged to my father. The climate is mediterranean. In summer it's hot and in winter it's very cold, It rains and sometimes snows. When it rains the dry river grows. The life in Escúzar is calm and boring, There are no places of entertainment for teenagers. There aren't any libraries, discos or parks with swings. There are only some snack bars for adults and old people. Shortly there will be an industrial park.

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Hello Brian
We are three teenagers of 1st bachillerato from a high school in Granada called MARIANA PINEDA.
We are Manu, Reme and Rozio, We are studying English as a third language (our second language is French) and we are working with the web page of our teacher Isabel Perez.
We made a school project based on your blog.
In this project first we listened to your first lesson and we had the good idea of doing the same.
So we wrote about our villages (El Padul, Escuzar, Las Gabias) and then we recorded it with the help of Sara and Lola, they are two teacher assistants.
We have learnt a lot of expressions and words.This experience was very fun. Here you can see the results in our wiki.
Ah! Our teacher is going to Boston this summer.
We would like it a lot, if you said hello to us in your blog.
Best wishes!!
Manu, Reme ,Rozio and Isabel